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Samaha Islamic Center
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Assalamu Alaikum.
Welcome to Samaha Islamic Center
Samaha Islamic Center is non profit organization for learning and worship. We teach our students Qur'an and Related Programs. Samaha Center, provides many education programs, such as: QUR’AN Program, QUR’AN SCIENCE & ISLAMIC STUDIES. We also hold SEMINARS for parents, teachers, students and also community members. Everyone is welcomed at Samaha Islamic Center.
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All Family Members Can Learn! 

Our Programs

01. QUR’AN

Memorizing the Qur’an with different riwayah and learning the Ulum Al-Qur’an. At the end of the success completion of the Qur’an program students recieve Ijazah. 


The Islamic study program builds student’s Islamic knowledge and teaches the great Islamic morals and values. Students will: learn the Fiqh, memorize 40 Hadeeth, learn Islamic morals, learn public speaking in Arabic Khutbah.


Facilitates different types of training for the community, teachers, students and parents. Seminars Goal is: Continues improve and quality assurance.


The youth program is designed to teach the youth and build their leadership skills, preparing them in moral, ethical and educational.


The center organizes community events, such as wedding, graduations, aqiqah, and other community needed events, such as discussions about the youth education and supporting their future.

Extra Curricular Programs

We provide extera cullicular programs to increase the standards and to build kids knowledge, phisical and mental. 


Young Nasheed

Represents the school and participates competitions as well as organzing the nasheed sessions of the school events. 

Parents Guide

This program helps parents to learn new techniques of helping their kids learn at home. During the program sessions, parents will discuss ideas as well.

Afterschool Sports

Part of the extra curricular activities of SAMAHA ISLAMIC CENTER. This program encourages students to learn better while having fun.

Art & Design

School decoration during events, this program also is part of leadership program that enable students to exercise their leadership skills.